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NameSilo LLC Reviews 2021: Cheapest Domain Names?


NameSilo Reviews

I put these NameSilo reviews together for those who wish to know more about NameSilo and have a better purchasing decision.

If you’re interested with NameSilo, read these users reviews to have better idea how NameSilo is performing as a domain registrar.

Quick introduction

NameSilo is one of most popular domain registrars in the industry. It’s been operating for many years and currently hosting more than 3 million domain names.

It’s a relatively small company compared to other top registrars. However, it’s huge in terms of domain-related services alone.

NameSilo is arguably one of the best domain registrars because of its superb pricing, responsive support team and many useful free features and services.

Heads up: This review is regarding how NameSilo operates as a Domain Registrar and not as a web host.


Namesilo is arguably the best in the business in terms of domain pricing. Their .com domain names only cost $8.99 with free privacy protection add security features which you may need to pay with other domain registrars.

In addition, Namesilo’s pricing is not a promotional price, meaning it’s the same price every time you transfer or renew a domain name with them.

It’s pretty straight forward. No hidden charges period.

To have a better idea how Namesilo matches with other domain registrars, see the table below:

NameSilo$8.99FREE!FREE!$8.99Lowest price
Network Solutions$34.99$9.00$0.00$43.99$35.00
eNom Central$39.95
= $0.00
Melbourne IT

On top of their already low domain prices, Namesilo offers discount programs for everyone. In addition, those who have bulk domain names can get more discounts.

Namesilo Reviews - Domain Discount

Imagine how much you can save if you have tons of domains and planning to register those for several years.

Namesilo Extra $1 Off

NameSilo Review


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Expiration: 2021-12-31


Some domain registrars sacrifices features to be able to provide a competitive pricing, but not Namesilo.

Their domain names come with tons of free features which are very helpful no matter what your goal is.

Here’s the list and brief description of available features that come with a Namesilo domain.

According to ICANN regulations, every domain registrar, including NameSilo, is required to maintain a publicly accessible database called “WHOIS” containing the contact information for all registered domain names.

WHOIS privacy protection hides those contact information you provided during domain registration. This is to ensure that your information will not be abused or used by the public without your authorization. Instead of showing your actual info, it will be replaced by a proxy contact information provided by Namesilo.

Namesilo makes many options available to private-label their services. These options are all free of charge and can be updated on the Reseller Manager page from within your account at any time.

Yes, you may earn money just by parking your domain name with Namesilo.

When parking a domain with Namesilo, they will publish a mini-site that contains your domain name, relevant content and ads. Anyone who types your domain name into their browser will arrive at your mini-site.

Using the Manage DNS page, you can add, delete, and modify the DNS resource records associated with your domain.

Email forwarding is automatically directing email sent from one address to a different email address. This is an important tool for many people with domain names who would like customized email addresses but do not want to create additional accounts for each domain.

Domain forwarding can be used to automatically forward people that enter your domain name into their browser to the web address that you specify.

Portfolios are an excellent way of grouping domains. You can create an unlimited number of portfolios and assign an unlimited number of domains to each.

Locking and unlocking refers to the ability to transfer domains to different registrars. It protects a domain name from getting transferred out without authorization.

The Sub-Account Manager displays all of the Sub-User accounts you have created that have not been deleted. Sub-User accounts can be used to safely allow other people to access your account.

Domain Defender is a free service that offers increased levels of security for your account and protection of your domains.

This is another security feature that is unavailable from several domain registrars.



Having a responsive and helpful support team makes a lot of difference. This separates the top service providers from the rest.

Namesilo chat support team is technically savvy and responsive when it comes to domain related concerns.

Any concerns you have with your domain name, they got it.

Don’t take my word for it, check this Trust Pilot reviews to learn more about their support team.


Ease of Use

Namesilo’s website is helpful because their features and services are all visible in the homepage, but aesthetics wise… it looks bad.

Their website is outdated and it feels like you’re navigating through a website created from late 90s.

Namesilo made a lot of improvement on their website and landing pages, but the users UI remains the same.

If you’re an existing NameSilo customer, leave a comment or review to help other users decide if NameSilo is good enough for them or not.


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