Namecheap Domain: Real Users Review 2017

Namecheap Domain Reviews 2017

I believe that when it comes to product reviews, checking multiple sources is the best practice. Users will always have different opinions and experiences, so checking as many reviews as possible will give us a better idea how good or bad the product is.

With that said, this Namecheap domain review is based on several trusted blogs and websites. I collected as many recent feedback and reviews as possible to make it easier for you to decide if Namecheap is good for you or not.

Important note! This is Namecheap domain service review, this is all about Namecheap being a Domain Registrar and not a webhost provider.

Real Users Review

GoDaddy is a really good fit for most people – especially anyone who wants a cheap domain upfront and wants phone support. However, I think it should be apparent that if you are building a website for the long term – your best bet is to go grab a domain name from Namecheap. If my experience has been correct, you won’t regret it.

Source: Nate Shivar of

These guys know what they’re doing. I have purchased dozens of domain names (although no web hosting) through them and have never been disappointed. I haven’t run into many problems besides the odd bug, however when that happens or I need assistance with a transfer / general question they always provide a working solution straight away.

Five Star for:

  • Pricing is fair, and typically a few bucks below the other big rivals.
  • Support is friendly, knowledgeable and quick.
  • Easy to navigate admin panel.
  • Accept Bitcoin.

Source: Tyrollins Domcomp user

Been with NameCheap for around 7 years, never had a single problem. Domains are reasonably priced, DNS is free and works well (not anycast, for more reliability I use As others have mentioned, UI is a bit old and dated, but still works fine. It’s my goto for quality and reliable domain registration.

Source: Kyle P Domcomp user

Unlike many providers, they have a no bullshit website. I have a couple of domains with them with no issues. One small annoyance is that, once you log in, the management console is actually some 90s style vendor product – unlike their glossy website they use to attract customers – at least it works.

Source: Xin Domcomp user

Namecheap is a solid choice for registering your domain name. Plus, their site is incredibly intuitive and easy to use, especially on their domain management pages, which can be incredibly helpful. They offer reasonable priced domains, and have a free DNS service, and WHOIS protection. They also offer SSL encryption, for those looking to beef up the security of their domains.

Registering a domain with Namecheap currently costs $10.69/year. Plus, if you run into any issues getting your domain setup they have a ton of easy to follow tutorial videos.

Namecheap has a swift and easy-to-use checkout process, and also have a helpful knowledgebase if you do run into any setbacks. However, they do only offer chat support, so you won’t be able to speak to someone if the need arises. That being said their support is incredibly responsive and helpful.


Namecheap took the top spot the last time we asked, and for good reason. As their name implies, they’re some of the most affordable in the business, but domain names are the only thing cheap about them: Namecheap offers stellar customer support, free services like URL forwarding and email, and if you do have more money to burn, you can get advanced services like Dynamic DNS and SSL certificates at bargain prices.


NameCheap is a solid and dependable company for your domain name needs. They provide a great service, an easy to use and uncluttered domain manager and give you the security and protection that you need to keep your domain safe.

Source: Karen of

Namecheap WhoisGuard SCAM – Namecheap recently emailed me about renewing their WhoisGuard product – which is basically domain privacy. I have one domain registered in June and one registered in February and yet, they say WhoisGuard is expiring within 30 days and to pay now. Sounds scammy, yeah? When I talked to support, they offered me a coupon.

Source: Adam Weinberg TrustPilot user

I WAS happy with Namecheap for years but not any longer.

A recent attempt just to update my email address with them has escalated into something ridiculous!!

Still not completed as of today. Seems they are having issues with accepting gmail addresses. This has been going on for over 3 weeks!! You read that correctly,WEEKS!
Just to update my email address.

At their site, my new gmail address keeps coming up as invalid. It is valid but they somehow expect me to fix THEIR glitch!😣 I am amazed and appalled by how they have treated me.

Offered me nothing but more hassle to date. Guess I’ll have to find a new provider for my domains.

Do NOT sign up with this company if you hate having your valuable time wasted!!

Go Daddy is starting to look good and that’s something I thought I’d never say. 😉

Source: Geraldine H. TrustPilot user

Sorry to say a very bad experience. You cannot reach them by phone only chat and email. I ordered a domain though them and they tacked on another domain and charged me for it without my knowledge. When I contacted the and showed the activation email and how it only had one domain instead of two this is how they responded.

“Much to our regret it is not possible to cancel the domain names registration and issue a refund since they were registered more than 72 hours. However, we may offer you the following options:

– try selling the domains on our Marketplace (you can find more information here:)
– push them to another Namecheap user
– simply let them expire.

If none of the options is suitable to you, we can remove the domains from your account as a courtesy. If latter is the case, please confirm the following:

Namecheap will immediately become the registrant of the domain names and you will lose any and all rights to them. You understand the domains may be used, auctioned, renewed, or deleted at any time without your approval or compensation. There is no recovery, renewal or grace period once in this state. You cannot re-register or re-purchase the domains.”

Source: Nowisthetime2017! TrustPilot user

I realized that I’ve been a customer of Namecheap for 8 years and I never left a review, guess I took the good service for granted.

At first I transferred a domain from another registrar and later I got a web hosting plan. I can’t recall any downtime and whenever there was a problem, the live support staff was always able to solve any issue I had. Not to mention the professional and friendly attitude.

Keep up the good work Namecheap!

Source: Ely TrustPilot user

To do a quick summary of their Pros and Cons, we listed them in bullets.


  • Easy checkout and registration process.
  • Tons of useful features.
  • Great Knowledgebase.
  • Minimal ads or upsells.
  • Pricing is fair, few bucks below competitors.
  • Chat support is friendly, knowledgeable and quick.
  • Easy to navigate admin panel.
  • Accepts Bitcoin.


  • Only 1-year free Private registration
  • Auto-renew fails in rare occasions.
  • No Phone and Email support.
  • Few glitches in the system.


I think it’s safe to say that Namecheap is a very solid Domain Registrar, they are nowhere near perfect but they are still one of the top domain name registrars because of their reliable service, competitive price and good features.

Just to reiterate, I did not include the “Web hosting” reviews in here because this post is for Domain registrars only. If you see bad reviews about their web hosting service it doesn’t mean that their domain service is bad as well.

If you’re already a Namecheap customer, let us know what you think of their Domain hosting service so we can help others decide if Namecheap is good for them or not. Feel free to ask questions as well or leave us a feedback. Thanks!

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