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What is a Domain Registrar?

Domain Registrar

What is a Domain Registrar?


In simple words, a Domain registrar is an entity which helps users register a domain name. Here are few examples of well-known registrars.


A domain name is commonly known as the name of your website. This is a readable address or name where internet users will find or access your website.


When you register a domain name through a domain registrar, they will pay the Registry of records to reserve it for you.

And since they already paid the Registry, some domain registration may not be refundable.

A domain Registry is an organization that manages the Top-level domain like .com, .net, .info, .biz etc.

One good example of a Registry is Verisign which manages the .com TLD.

Domain registrars are responsible for Domain renewals, Whois privacy protection, Connecting your domain to a website, Locking/Unlocking of domain, Generating EPP code and other domain related concerns.


How to check who the Registrar of my domain is?

You need to perform a Whois search online.

There are many Whois lookup tool online such as ICANN, Verisign, Whois.com and Who.is who can help you do this task.

It’s really easy to use, you just need to enter the domain name you wish to check and it will show you who the Registrar of that domain is.

It may also show you the domain owner’s information(if not redacted or in private), nameservers and other domain registration information.


Does the Registrar hosts my website as well?

In most cases, the answer to this is NO.

It’s pretty normal for new domain owners to think that a website service is included when they register a domain.

But the reality is, many web hosting services online are not free.


The domain Registrar and web host provider can be two different companies.

Note that a registrar is hosting the domain name(address of JamesWafu.com) while the web host provider is hosting the website(content of JamesWafu.com).


If you want to have a free website, you can always use simple website builders such as Google Sites and WordPress.

Or if you want a blog, then feel free to use Blogger.

If you have local business that you wish to be seen in Google business listings, then you can go for Google My Business.

I recommend Google Sites for those who wants to create a free landing page or simple website to start with.

Their new platform is really easy to use and it allows you to integrate your custom domain name for free.


However, since these are “free” services, the features may be limited compared to those premium web hosting services, and they may not offer live support.


To summarize this, Domain registrars can help you with domain related issues while web host providers can help you with website related concerns.

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