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What is a DNS Provider?

DNS Provider

What is a DNS Provider?


DNS providers or DNS hosts are entities which host the DNS or zone file of a domain name.

In most cases, the domain registrar or reseller where you purchased the domain is also your DNS provider.. But not all the time.

So how can you identify the DNS host or provider of your domain?

You can either do a WHOIS lookup or perform a DIG query.

Here’s an example through ICANN search query:


Check the Nameservers section, you will see there that the DNS provider of the said domain is A2 Hosting.

And here’s an example of a DIG query:

Dig NS

Looking at the NS(Name Server), it shows the same DNS provider.

Basically, whoever owns or manages the Name Servers where your domain is pointing to is the DNS provider of it.

Knowing who the DNS provider of your domain helps because you know who to call in case you need help configuring DNS settings.

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