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IONOS: Connect 1and1 Domain to Weebly

Connect IONOS to Weebly

Connect 1and1 (IONOS) Domain to Weebly

Connecting your custom domain from 1and1 to Weebly is pretty straightforward and relatively easy.

The first one is to add the domain as the Site Address in Weebly and the second is to point your domain to the IP address assigned to your site.

Note: Just like other web host providers you need to have a paid hosting plan to be able to connect your domain name to Weebly.


Part 1. Add your existing domain in Weebly

  1. Login to your Weebly.com account
  2. Select the website you wish to link to your domain.
  3. Click the Settings tab at the top
  4. Under General > Site address click the Change button.

Connect IONOS Domain to Weebly - Weebly Site Settings

  1. Click the Connect or transfer now link below the search field.

Connect IONOS Domain to Weebly

  1. Enter your domain name.
  2. Click the Connect your domain option.

Connect IONOS Domain to Weebly - Use a domain you already own

You’ll be shown two options for making the necessary DNS changes to your domain: One for doing it yourself, and one for emailing your domain host for assistance.

Choose one of these options and follow the steps to get your DNS records updated to point to the provided IP address.

Don’t forget to publish your website to the new site address when the process is complete.


Part 2. Point Your 1and1(IONOS) Domain to Weebly IP address

This part varies depending who’s the DNS provider of your domain name.

But if you’re using 1and1(IONOS) name servers, you just need to point the root domain @ and subdomain www to the same Weebly IP address.

Example Weebly resource records:

Host NameTypeData
@ (domain.com)A199.34.228.75
www (www.domain.com)A199.34.228.75


Adding an A Record

To add a new A record, follow these steps:

1. In the Domains section of the Control Panel, next to your desired domain, click on the gear symbol under Actions and select DNS.

2. Click Add Record and select the A type.

3. In the Host Name field, specify the desired host. To create the A record for your domain, enter the @ character.

4. In the Points to field, enter the desired IPv4 address: is just an example, enter the actual Weebly IP address for your website).

5. Optional: Select the desired TTL. By default, your changes will become active immediately.

6. Below the Preview for www row, use the same A record for www.

7. Click Save.


Publish Site

Once you’re done updating the DNS settings of your domain, return to your Weebly site and publish it.

Due to DNS propagation delay, you may not be able to see the changes immediately.


DNS Propagation

All DNS changes may take 24 – 48 hours to fully take effect across the entire internet. This delay is also known as DNS propagation.

If the DNS has been properly configured and the domain has been added successfully through Weebly, it’s just a matter of time before you see the domain integrated with your Weebly website.


If you have another domain from a different domain registrar that you wish to connect with Weebly, check this post.

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