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Google Domains: Connect Google Domains To Shopify

Connect Google Domains to Shopify

Connect Google Domains To Shopify

If your domain name was registered through a 3rd-party domain registrar, you need to accomplish two things to successfully link your domain to your Shopify store.

Based on Shopify’s help center, here are the the DNS records you need to add/modify:

  • A record should point to Shopify’s IP address, which is
  • www CNAME record should point to shops.myshopify.com


How or where can you add these DNS resource records?

DNS records can be added or modified through the domain’s DNS provider, the process varies depending who’s hosting it.


1.) Add Shopify’s Resource Records

If you’re using Google Domains to manage the DNS of your domain, follow the steps below to redirect your domain to Shopify.

If not, check who the DNS provider of your domain and contact their support team to request adding these DNS resource records:

Host NameTypeData
@ (domain.com)A23.227.38.65
www (www.domain.com)CNAMEshops.myshopify.com


Google Domains: Pointing method / A and CNAME

  1. Sign in to Google Domains.
  2. Click the domain you want to update.
  3. Open the menu Menu.
  4. Click the DNS icon .
  5. Scroll to the Custom resource records section. Set the custom resource record type your web host requires.
  6. To create a specific type of record, follow these steps:
  7. For an A record, use these values:
    • Name: @
    • Type: A
    • TTL: 1H
    • Data:
  8. Click Add.
  9. Repeat the same steps, but this time add CNAME record. Use these values:
    • Name: www
    • Type: CNAME
    • TTL: 1H
    • Data: shops.myshopify.com
  10. Click Add.


Google Domains Easy-connect process (alternative option)

Another way to connect Google Domains with Wix is via the Easy connection option in their Website tab.

This will work if your domain name and Wix website are registered under the same Google account.

If not, you can share the domain management of your domain to the same account where your Wix website was created from.

This workaround allows Google Domains to find the website you created through Wix within the same Google account.

Here’s the instruction how to do it:

  1. Open Google Domains.
  2. Click the domain name you want to manage.
  3. Open the Menu Menu.
  4. Click Website and then Build website.
  5. Click See all options.
  6. Under Shopify click Continue.
  7. Click Sign in to existing account.
    • If you have more than one Google account in browser session, you will be prompted to select your Google account. Select the owner account of your domain.
  8. Click Accept if Shopify asks permission to view your Google account information.
  9. Enter your Shopify store name when being prompted, and click Connect this store to Google Domains to continue.
  10. Log in with your Shopify account.
    • The email address and password at this step is not the same as your Google Domains account. Use your existing Shopify account to log in.
  11. Click Accept if Shopify asks permission to manage your Google domain resource records.
  12. From the Shopify console, go to Online Store | Domains page and review the primary domains setting. If your domain is not selected by default, pick your domain name from the Primary domain drop down list, check “Redirect all traffic to this domain”, then click Save.

Test your domain address in a browser. If the domain URL loads successfully, Congratulations! You’ve successfully connected your domain.


2.) Add Custom Domain in Shopify

Once you’re done adding the DNS records, you may now add your domain name to your Shopify account.

  1. Go to Shopify and Login to your account.
  2. Select Online Store in the dashboard.
  3. Click Domains.
  4. Click on Connect existing domain.
  5. Enter your custom domain name (example.com).
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Verify Connection.


3.) DNS Propagation Delay

If Shopify is unable to verify the DNS records yet, give it several more minutes before attempting to verify the connection again.

Any DNS changes may take from few minutes up to 48 hours to fully take effect across the entire internet.

Given that the DNS is properly configured, you will definitely see your custom domain name integrated with your Shopify website soon.


Check out this post if you have another domain from a third party domain registrar that you wish to connect with Shopify.

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