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How To Connect a 3rd-Party Domain Name to Wix

Connect Domain to Wix

Connect a 3rd-Party Domain Name to Wix

Connecting a 3rd-party domain to Wix is a 2-part integration process.

The first part requires you to Add your custom domain through Wix website while the second part is for you to Configure the DNS through your DNS provider.

The second part varies depending who’s hosting the DNS of your domain, but in a nutshell, you need to create DNS records like A and CNAME(Pointing method) or redirect your domain to Wix name servers(DNS method).

Don’t get confused. The Pointing and DNS methods are terms used by Wix, but those have different meaning for other providers.

If you’re a beginner, I recommend to use DNS method. This way, the Wix support team can help you with DNS and website concerns at the same time.

Redirecting your domain to Wix nameservers will allow them to host the DNS and easily configure it on your behalf.

But if you’re already comfortable or have a lot of experience managing the DNS on your own, then you may use the Pointing method instead.

Before you begin:
You must upgrade your Wix site to a Premium Plan before you can connect your domain.


Part 1: Add Your Custom Domain through Wix

  1. Go to the Domains page in your Wix account.
  2. Click Connect a domain you already own.
    Note: If you already have a domain in your account, click Add an Existing Domain, then select Connect a domain you already own.
  3. Select the site you want to connect your domain to and click Next.
  4. Enter the domain name.
  5. Click DNS next to Connection Method at the bottom of the page. 
  6. Select DNS or Pointing.
  7. Click Confirm.
  8. Click Next.

Wix will display the necessary CNAME and A record or Name servers where you can point your domain name to.

Pointing method:

link domain to Wix DNS

DNS / Name servers method:

link domain to Wix nameservers

These are just examples, you may see different values for your account.


Part 2: Configure The DNS Settings

This process varies depending who’s hosting the DNS of your domain. Here are some registrar-specific guides from some popular domain resellers / DNS providers.

If your provider is not listed above and you’re not sure how to add DNS records, you may contact your domain registrar or DNS provider for further assistance.


Verify Your Domain Connection

Once you’ve updated your domain’s DNS records, return to the Domains page in your Wix account and click Verify Connection.

Due to DNS propagation delay, you may not be able to verify the domain connection immediately.


DNS Propagation

All DNS changes may take up 48 hours to fully take effect online so you may not see the changes you just did in the domain name. Be patient and give it more time to propagate in the entire internet.

Given that the DNS was properly configured, it’s just a matter of time before your domain connects with Wix.

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