SEO 101: 5 Free Keyword Rank Checker Online

5 Free Keyword Rank Tracker Online

There’s nothing wrong with checking your keyword rank manually from Google, but it consumes time and the keyword rank that you can see might be totally different from what others have.

Keyword rank depends on many factors such as location, device, web activity, visited sites etc. Checking your keyword rank on a single device and location may not be the best way to monitor keywords.

To have a better view, we recommend to use keyword rank tracker online which can save a lot of time and trouble.

There are dozens of  keyword rank checker online which can identify where your blog stands on specific keywords with less hassle.

But before we introduce our list..

Why do we need to monitor Keyword rankings other than the fact that we’re dying to know what our blog’s keyword rank is?

There are several benefits why you should constantly check your Search ranking and here are few of those:

  • To have a better view which SEO strategies work.
  • To identify which keywords you need to improve.
  • To stay on top of recent changes in ranking.
  • Discover relevant keywords that are beneficial.

There are so much more to it, I suggest to check LinkBird’s post for more information.

And without further ado.

Here’s our list of Free Keyword Rank Checker Online that will help you monitor your keyword rank.


SEMrush is a total package, it has a lot of features that bloggers and online marketers need for their SEO campaign.

Their Keyword checker shows the first 100 results in Google Search which is more than enough to know who are your competitors for specific keywords.

Their Search results also includes information about:

  • Organic Search Volume
  • Estimated CPC costs
  • Related Keywords

The related keywords is something you may want to consider targeting as it can add more traffic to your blog.



WhatsMySerp is not as fancy as the other keyword rank checker online, but the cool thing about it is you can check multiple keywords simultaneously which saves a lot of time.

You can also check rank results on specific countries and add your competitors domain name to have a better view where you stand.



Seorch has a lot of functionalities that can help with your SEO campaign. They have Off-page, On-page, Backlink checker and more.

And their keyword rank checker shows the top 100 websites from Google Search with geo-targeting. It’s very easy to use.



What we like about SERPs is their keyword search shows up to 250 websites which is more than double than the others. This is useful if you have a new post which ranks outsides the top 100.

You also have option to choose from Mobile or PC device, Google or Yahoo search and run a test on specific country.

This Free Keyword Rank Checker tool is perfect for those who are just getting started.


Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is one of my favorite free keyword rank checker online. You can simultaneously check 5 keywords in one go with geo-targeting feature.

It saves a lot of time and it’s really easy to use. Simple and sweet!

Feel free to leave us a feedback and comments how we can make this post better. Stay classy everyone!

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