How To Create High PR Backlink From Blogger

Build Backlinks From Blogger

If you’re trying to build High PR backlinks for your blog and you don’t have one yet from Blogger, this post is a steal for you.

I’ll show you step by step how you can create easy high quality backlinks that will give your blog or website a little boost in terms of SEO.

Warning!! This is for newbies eyes only!! 🙂

Here’s the instruction how to create a Profile from Blogger with sweet backlinks.

1. Login to Blogger.

2. Click your Profile name on the top right corner.

High PR backlink from Blogger

3. Click Blogger profile link. (If it shows Google+ profile instead of Blogger, visit this link for instruction how to change it)

High PR backlink from Blogger

4. Click Edit Profile.

High PR backlink from Blogger

5. Scroll down to General section.

6. Enter your sweet link on both Homepage URL and Wishlist URL (

High PR backlink from Blogger

7. Scroll down to Additional Information.

8. Say something about yourself on the Introduction.. And don’t forget to add your little sneaky links (<a href=””>My Blog Link</a>).

High PR backlink from Blogger

8. Click Save profile at the bottom.

High PR backlink from Blogger

9. And click View updated profile at the top.

High PR backlink from Blogger

Here’s how it looks like. You should see the links you created.High PR backlink from Blogger

Now that we’re done creating our profile, we need to check if those links have dofollow or nofollow attribute.

Right click anywhere on the page and click View source. Use the Find hotkey (Crtl + F) to easily find our Anchor Texts above.

Here’s the link for the Anchor text “My Web Page”.

High PR backlink from Blogger

Yes, it’s true that the first link is a rel=”nofollow” attribute. This link may not help you with your link building campaign but you may still get few traffic from it.

Let’s move forward and check the other links. This time let’s see the “Wishlist” Anchor text.

High PR backlink from Blogger

Nice!! It’s a clean Dofollow link. Links without rel=”nofollow” attribute are Dofollows.

Now let’s check the last link we created which is the “Making Money Online” anchor text.
High PR backlink from Blogger

Another cool Dofollow link!!

Remember, the last link was created from the Introduction page, which means you can create several dofollow links in one go.

Here’s an example.
High PR backlink from Blogger
High PR backlink from Blogger

That’s your Easy High PR Backlinks from Blogger.

Just a reminder! You can create several links from Blogger but be sure not to spam it. What I mean is you’re creating the same link over and over on the same page. Those types on links don’t look natural and you might send a bad signal to Google.

One link for each of your favorite posts will do 🙂

Hope you guys found this helpful. Leave us a commend or feedback so we can improve this post. Thanks!

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