Neobux Review 2017 and Strategy For Beginners

Before moving to our Full Neobux Review 2017, we want to answer few common questions of those new in the PTC business. Later we will give you our take if they are Legit or Scam.

What is Neobux?
Neobux is a “Paid To Click” website or a “PTC Site” where members get paid by clicking ads from their website. You can also advertise your website or product from Neobux for a reasonable price, in exchange you will be given NeoPoints which you can use to purchase more ads, rented referrals and upgrades.

Neobux offers several ways to earn money from their websites like viewing ads and mini jobs. They are not a get-rich scheme but you can definitely have an opportunity to make extra cash from them.

How to start earning from Neobux?
You just need to Sign up with Neobux. Login to your account and start viewing ads to earn extra cash.

How am I going to be paid?
You will be paid through electronic cashouts. You can choose any of the following: PayPal, Payza, Skrill and Neteller.

Who can join Neobux?
There’s no restriction, everyone can join Neobux! 😀

Is Neobux free to join?
Absolutely FREE! no hidden charges! :D.

What’s the average daily income?
The daily income varies on your activities, obviously those who will click more ads and do more tasks will earn more. But the average income from viewing ads is roughly $0.03 per day, mini jobs or tasks are not included.

Neobux Review 2017

Neobux ReviewThis Neobux Review focused on their Pros and Cons but we included a tip how to maximize your profit from their Rented referrals and what you should avoid. We also answered the most frequently asked question of many PTC fanatics which is “Is Neobux a Legit or Scam?”.

Please keep reading, this review will give you an idea if Neobux is good for you or not. Either way, I hope you find this review helpful.

Neobux just turned 8 years on March 10, 2016 and it’s one of the few PTC websites who passed the test of time. Only few managed to last this long while most of them shut down in less than a year.

Neobux has been through all sorts of trouble before but through the guidance of its admin Fernando Rato, they managed to come up on top. He’s the man behind the success of Neobux.

“Their goal is to innovate and reach the needs of their users as well as their advertisers”, and that what separates them from most PTC sites. They are one of the most popular PTC sites in the business as well, everyone who have been in the Paid To Click niche for a while knows them.

Now let’s go deeper and allow me to tell you what we like and dislike about Neobux.

What We Like About Neobux

Very Stable Business:
Their revenue comes from their large number of advertisers. Neobux has a long term relationship with them because they’re providing quality traffic from their website.

All impressions and clicks are coming from real users  which is very important to advertisers. They want to promote their product to as many person as possible to maximize their investments.

Quality Traffic:
All members of Neobux are looking for ways to earn money, so if your niche is about making money online you might get a good result advertising with them.

You already have thousands of targeted audience, they’re just waiting for you to show off your product. It’s a decent way to building your email list and generate income from affiliate programs.

Just keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your viewers, so make sure your advertisement is catchy.

Instant Payment:
This is another proof that Neobux is a very stable PTC site. They can pay all of their members instantly in a push of a button. Once you cashout your earnings it will reflect in your account immediately, this is something you’re looking for from a PTC website.

Instant payment shows that they have enough profit from their advertisers to pay everyone.

Lots of Ads and Tasks:
Our rough estimate is there are at least 200 ads and 10 tasks per week in Neobux. Which will give you an opportunity to earn at least $2 per month as a newbie.

Make Money For Free:
You are not required to upgrade your membership to earn money from Neobux, as a standard member you can still make few bucks every month from them.

Most ads are worth $0.001 and tasks are worth at least  $0.01. Neobux’s mini-job pays higher than any other PTC site in the business. You can earn roughly $2 per month just by doing simple tasks and viewing ads.

As a standard member you can earn 15% commission for every task your direct referral completed and $0.001 commission from their clicks.

Well Managed:
Neobux has been online for more than 8 years and it’s still getting stronger. They been through a lot of controversy before but they manage to overcome it and become the King of PTC. There are only few PTC Sites that passed the test of time.

They made all necessary changes to be able to pay their members and provide quality service to their advertisers.

Higher Commission from Tasks and Offers:

Neobux has higher commissions from tasks and offers than most PTC / GPT. In addition, their AdPrize gives more prizes in quantity and higher prizes in value than any grid.

There are definitely ways to make passive income from Neobux but there are also things to avoid to prevent losing money.
Check this Neobux Guide to avoid common pitfalls of most Neobux members and ensure maximum profit.

What We Don’t Like About Neobux

Lazy Rented Referrals:
I lost money from Rented Referrals before because of low click rate, I tried many ways to improve it but my RR’s average click per day stayed far below from the Break Even Point (BEP). To make it simple, I’m paying more than what I’m earning.

Initially, I thought it can be resolved by recycling the inactive referrals, but I was wrong. I tried to do a lot of recycling techniques, but to no avail. I keep on paying more for their monthly renewal fees than earning from their clicks.

In my continues search to address this issue with rented referrals, I came across Neobux Referrals Handy Manager, it helped me improve my average clicks per day. I downloaded the free version and I was happy with the result. This product definitely helped me a lot, but I’m still losing money.

Basically, I need to reach 1.0 average click per day and extend my referrals to 90 days for me to earn a profit, but I’m just unable to pull it off. My average click went as high as 0.7 click per day which is already good, but not good enough to make a profit.

Then I realized that the only option to make a profit and maximize it is to renew the RRs to 240 days to take advantage of the discount. This will lower down your BEP drastically.

Expensive Upgrades:
This is common from PTC sites, their premium memberships are expensive. For Neobux, it starts at $90/year for Golden membership, and you can get further upgrades that can go as high as $890/year on top of the Golden membership.

The good thing is! members have a chance to win free Golden membership from their Adprize or they can convert accumulated 30000 points as Golden upgrade.

Limited Direct referrals:
This may not be a big deal for some, but it’s definitely a plus if you can refer as many members as you can. Especially if you’re planning to advertise your referral link and expecting to acquire lots of referrals.

In order to become eligible for unlimited direct referrals, you need to upgrade your membership to Ultimate which costs $890/year.

Forum Has Strict Rules:
Just like any other PTC Site, Neobux has strict forum where some sensitive topics may not be discussed.

If you can’t find a specific topic you’re looking for from their Forum, I recommend to check well known PTC forums instead such as MoneySpace and TalkPTC.

Neobux Strategy For Beginners

I will make this Neobux Strategy simple and easy to follow. For those who wants to make decent money or passive income from Neobux, this simple strategy will help you a lot.

There are definitely ways to make passive income from Neobux but there are also things to avoid to prevent losing money.
Check this Neobux Guide to avoid common pitfalls of most Neobux members and ensure maximum profit.

Standard Membership Won’t Get You Far.

There’s no way to make a passive income from Neobux with standard membership alone. Sure, you can make few bucks every month and you can cash out for free, but that’s all there is.

If you’re looking to make decent money from Neobux, it’s a must to upgrade your membership to Golden.

But before doing it, read the rest of the this simple guide.

Rent Referrals and Extend To 240 Days

Do not rent any referral if you’re not ready to extend their rental period to 240 days. The common mistake of most new Neobux users is they think that renting as many as possible is the key to success. But after a while they will realize that they’re losing money from them instead of earning.

I’ll save you the trouble, renting referrals is not enough, you need to renew them to maximum period to take advantage of the discount and make a profit from it eventually.

Do Not Rent More Than Recommended (Gold Members)

Maximize your profit by renting the recommend number of referrals.

As you can see on this table, when you reach certain number of referrals the renewal price will go higher.

The recommended number of referrals are 250 > 500 > 750 > 1000 > 1250 > 1500 and 1750.

If you rent more than the recommended, you pay more for renewal than usual. Maximizing your profit from RRs is not about Renting as many as you can, it’s about taking advantage of renewal fee discount and recommended number of RRs.

Let’s make a quick comparison:

  • Member 1 = Gold Member – 750 RRs – 240 days Renewal – 0.6 click/day
  • Member 2 = Gold Member – 800 RRs – 240 days Renewal – 0.6 click/day

Both members have Golden Membership and both are getting 0.60 average click. The first one has 750 RRs while the other has 800 RRs, both renewed their referrals to 240 days (8 months).

Member 1: Member 2
Expenses: 750(RRs) x $0.154( 240days) x 8(Months) = $924 800(RRs) x $0.161( 240days) x 8(Months) = $1024
Earnings: 750(RRs) x 0.6(avg. click) x $0.01(Commission) x 240(days) = $1080 800(RRs) x 0.6(avg. click) x $0.01(Commission) x 240(days) = $1152
Profit: $156 in 8 months $128 in 8 months

Based on the table, since Member 2 paid more for the renewal fee, it diminishes his profit. This is the reason you must only rent the recommended number of referrals.

Recycle Unprofitable RRs

This one is tricky, there’s no exact method to know if an RR will be active or not, some will not click for the first 5 days then suddenly became active while some active RRs will stop clicking in an instant.

This Strategy is not an in-depth guide but I will make it easy to understand.

What I recommend is to observe your RRs click average for at least to weeks and see who are clicking below your Break Even Point, once you spotted one, you can recycle it.

Do not over-recycle your RRs as this may lower down your profit instead of the other way. You must only renew those obvious unprofitable RRs such as:

  • New RR who never clicked anything for a week.
  • Active RR who stopped clicking for 2 weeks.
  • Click ads every now and then but way below your BEP.

Again, just renew those obvious unprofitable RRs and observe to see who needs to be recycled. Always recycle in Moderation.

Upgrade to Golden+ or Ultimate Membership.

To have decent passive income you must upgrade to Golden+ or Ultimate membership, there are tons of benefits when you do so:

Upgrading your Membership to Ultimate while implementing the strategies above will definitely give you passive income. You don’t need to click every day just to earn from your referrals and your inactive RRs will be replaced if they are inactive for 7 days (saves you money from recycling it).

From here on out almost everything will be on auto-pilot, you can make money while seating on a couch.

Neobux Scam or Legit?

You saw all the Positive and Negative sides of Neobux, now here’s our take.

Neobux is not perfect, they don’t have a good affiliate program like ClixSense do and their rented referrals have low click rate average. However, if I will objectively pass judgement to Neobux, we think they’re not one of those Scam Sites. Many PTC Experts like PTC Scrutiny and PTC Central recommends Neobux to their readers, which is a sign that they are doing something right.

The fact that we can earn money from them without spending a dime (viewing ads and doing tasks) and the fact that they’re Paying all of their members without delay are enough reasons for us to say that Neobux is LEGIT!

Neobux is called King of PTC for no reason. They sure are one of the Best PTC Sites out there where you can have passive income.

To learn learn in-depth Neobux Strategy for those who have Ultimate membership, check this post from Neobux.Reviews









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